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Landscape Maintenance
Project design-it starts with a vision and ends with a wow!

The time has come for you to finally have the landscape you have always dreamed of. No more staring wistfully out your windows, envisioning a gorgeous landscaping. We will take your ideas and transform them into a spectacular, balanced landscape to tailor your needs. We will optimize the space you have and beautify your home and add to its value.

We offer expert field consultation and fast bid response. Our crews are reliable and efficient. Finishing projects on time and on budget without sacrificing quality is our goal.

Minimize the green in favor of color.

We are dedicated to making your landscape
experience a great one from start to finish.

Of outmost importance is communication
and respect of privacy for each client.


Landscaping Landscaping is not just about having a garden - it involves art and skills and proper arrangements of both living and non-living elements in your outdoor area. When we say living elements, we refer to the softscape, which includes botanical elements, such as trees, flowering plants, grasses and groundcover. Anything that, practically, has life can be included in this component. Non-living elements would refer to hardscape, which includes the paved patios, tiled walkways, wooden decks, gazebos, stone walls, and accents, such as arbors and swings. Any structure in a landscape that is a product of masonry work or wood work belongs to this category. Water fountains, waterfalls, and other water features that had once belonged to hardscape are now categorized as waterscapes. All of these elements are carefully considered every time we work on residential landscaping and commercial landscaping.

Harmony between the Landscape Elements

Landscaping Have you already envisioned what type of landscape you want to have or what particular feature you would like to add to your garden? With our landscaping services, we can make your garden the most elegant it can ever be by carefully combining the various landscape elements. Whatever your specific requirements are, we would definitely help with achieving the landscape of your dreams. We have creative designers who are skilled and knowledgeable and who have many years of experience in designing. We also have the perfect tools and equipment that make us do the work efficiently, whether it is a softscape, a hardscape, or a waterscape.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is becoming a trend in California. Most business owners want outdoors that could reflect the company’s image. And one way to achieve this is through well-designed landscapes. But this is not only used for image building since landscapes also provide benefits to employees. Having an indoor garden in an office where employees can relax during their break will definitely help them with clearing their thoughts and just rest their senses. Providing employees with one of a kind area where they can unwind will truly be beneficial since they can be more productive just after a few minutes of communing with nature.

Residential Landscaping

Landscaping Going home to a well-tended garden, where one can just sit and relax and gaze at the stars at night, is really refreshing. Investing in landscaping can truly bring about many benefits. Gardens that are beautifully landscaped can be perfect places for special gatherings, whether a birthday celebration or a barbeque party. Aside from having an instant venue, the most important benefit they can give is having places where you can rest your senses each day while being invigorated with the pleasure of nature. Being close to nature with the perfect landscape can truly make your house and those who live there healthier. Beautifully designed residential landscaping just not add value to your home, it also adds value to your life.

Consider Z&M Green Yard Services if you want a stunningly designed landscape for your residential or commercial property. You are assured that our landscaping services will result in a truly beautiful landscape no matter how big or little space you have.

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