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Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance
The Z & M Green Yard Service Landscape Maintenance division offers full general landscape services, such as mowing, trimming, weeding, grounds sweeping, fertilizing, pruning, planting, seeding, sod, irrigation installation and repair. We create custom maintenance plans for all commercial landscape properties including shopping malls, industrial buildings, homeowners associations and apartment communities. Our goal is to ensure your property investment appreciates in value through proper care and our proven landscape maintenance program.

For a free no-obligation estimate of your landscaping needs, please contact us by e-mail (zmgreenyardservies@yahoo.com) or phone (818)-709-0505 today.

Landscape Maintenance

The Benefits of Properly Maintained Landscapes

Our commercial landscape maintenance is the perfect solution to the ever changing nature of your outdoors. Remember, this is the spot that makes the first impression about your business. How it looks is a reflection of your enterprise. If itís messy, so as how your company is perceived by potential clients. Z&M Green Yard Services is here to make it look well maintained all the time, so it will always be perfect for that lasting impression.

Landscape Improvement

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Thereís always room for improvement in a landscape. Part of our commercial landscape maintenance is to identify the essential and nice-to-have improvement for the area. If youíre still in the watering-can era, then itís time to switch to the more sophisticated modern irrigation. We offer irrigation installation for a commercial landscape and also improve the existing one. Also, we do planting should you wish to add more flowers, shrubs, or trees around the area. Besides transferring grown plants, we can also start the seeding of grasses so the site will be green and luscious for spring. If thatís a long wait, then weíll have sods installed on the lifeless soil. Fertilization is also recommended to make your plants healthier and disease free.

Regular Maintenance

No matter how good a landscape design is, it will still require regular commercial landscape maintenance to make sure itís beautiful all the time. At Z&M Green Yard Services, we recommend preventive maintenance plans. With these, problems are anticipated so they are solved before they occur. Mowing is one of the most common maintenance tasks and is done to prevent grasses from over growing. Thatís not only ugly, but it can also invite pests and unwanted animals to a site. Trimming and pruning of trees or topiary are also included in our services. We also do grounds sweeping during and after the fall season. Uncollected debris and fallen leaves will be a greater problem if not taken care of as soon as possible.

Necessary Repair

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Repair tasks are not necessary on a regular basis. But itís important that the team handling your commercial landscape maintenance understands the need for these. One of the installations in a landscape that should be working properly all the time is the sprinkler system. If you encounter problems, such as clogged nozzles and leaking pipes, call us immediately. They need immediate repair to ensure your turf and other plants will receive enough water. Under or over watering may lead to withering and dying plants. Our team can handle much more serious repair tasks. Weíre always ready with the manpower and tools needed for such emergency situation anywhere Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Customized Maintenance Plan

Every landscape is different. That is why maintenance should always be customized. Of course, all landscapes need the same treatment, improvement, and repair, but they need these maintenance tasks at different intervals and intensities. You canít simply copy whatís being done in your residential yard or in the yard of a sister company. A competent landscaping company needs to be there, in the site, and see the needed maintenance plan for the area. Thatís exactly how we do it with our commercial landscape maintenance program. With this, you are assured that the plan is specially tailored for the needs of your landscape.

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