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Landscape Maintenance
Sprinklers Installation / Repair and Maintenance

Residential                     Commercial

  • Installation of new sprinkler systems
  • Convert existing manual systems to automatic
  • Repair leaky valves, broken pipes and broken heads
  • Timer installation and repair
  • Trouble shooting and wiring
  • One year warranty on all timers and brass valves installed
  • Extended warranty available
  • Serving entire valley

Preventive Sprinkler Maintenance Program
Protect your landscape investment with regularly scheduled visits by becoming a preferred customer. Signing up for our convenient sprinkler maintenance program can keep a small problem from becoming a large repair and save hundreds of dollars a year on your water bill.
For more information please call 818-709-0505

We always carry ALL of the parts and tools required to ensure a quick repair and installation of your sprinklers so that there's No Time Wasted!

Sprinkler Systems

With two decades of extensive and meaningful experience in the landscape services business, Z&M Green Yard Services is at the forefront of sprinkler systems installation in various areas in California, such as Malibu, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Valencia, Bel Air, Northridge, and more. We cater to both residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, with focus on providing affordable, yet top notch service to every client.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems Our company can install premium quality sprinkler systems for residential properties. If you want to keep your lawn and trees healthy all-year long, we can install pop-up spray sprinkler system, considered to be the best system for residential applications. Our expert irrigation staff can pinpoint the exact location in your lawn where the sprinklers will provide the best and widest reach possible. This way, your plants and turf will be properly irrigated when it matters.

Commercial Sprinklers

Aside from residential projects, we also handle projects requiring installation of sprinkler systems in commercial properties or establishments. We can install appropriate systems such as rotary system (best for golf courses or sports fields). Our commercial sprinklers can ensure that your establishment’s lawn area will remain healthy even during summer where grass tends to easily lose nutrients, thereby turning brown and drying up.

Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler Systems Our company has dedicated workers who can install sprinkler systems in a fast and efficient manner. Our people are trained to work on every imaginable type of sprinklers there is. They have the necessary tools and equipment needed to easily handle simple to complex sprinkler installation jobs. With several hundreds of similar projects handled before, we have the extensive experience required to ensure a hassle-free and successful sprinkler system installation for your property.

Sprinkler System Repairs

If your residential or commercial sprinkler system ever gets busted and needed quick repair, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible. With our decades of experience working on sprinkler systems, we have developed a fast and efficient way of addressing all possible repair scenarios. We will do home-service and we will never stop working until all needed repairs are completed and it is up and running once more.

Hiring the Best in Sprinkler System Installation

Z&M Green Yard Services offers the best value for money sprinkler systems installation in California. Our services are conscientious, efficient, affordable, and always within reach of every potential client. As a full-service landscaping company, you can bank on our long years of experience for your other landscaping needs. Just browse our website for the other landscaping services that we offer. For your sprinkler system requirements, be it for a commercial area or a residential space, our company is the best choice for you. With our experience and the premium products that we use, we can guarantee you full satisfaction when you decide to hire us. Contact us today or visit us at our office and we will be more than happy to answer any query that you may have regarding the sprinkler system that would best fit your specific needs. At Z&M Green Yard Services, great-looking landscape is well within your reach!


Sprinkler Systems As a full-service landscaping company, Z&M Green Yard Services offers reasonably priced rates for our irrigation services to serve as many property owners as possible. Since 1992, we’ve already handled almost every scale of projects involving both residential and commercial properties in Bell Canyon, Valencia, Simi Valley, Beverly Hills, and other areas in California.

Our experience in the landscaping industry is our assurance to every client that we can provide efficient and functional irrigation systems. Our people are also some of the most respected workers in the industry, with the expertise needed to take on even the most difficult projects. Aside from our recognition as a member of the state’s landscape contractor association, we are also a proud member of the professional Grounds Management Society and the International Irrigation Association. Lastly, we have the right tools and equipment and the needed partnership with materials supplier to ensure that we can complete projects on time. With these qualities, we can take on any project with guaranteed positive results.

What a Well-designed Irrigation System Brings

It is no secret that plants, trees, and lawn turf all require water to remain healthy, especially during summer. And by installing an irrigation system, you can keep your greens healthy all-year round. Our expertise in designing and installing fully functional systems is the best in the state. With us, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Full automation. Who says you can’t have your hands free from having to water your turf or plants? With the use of high-end irrigation products, we can actually program your system to work at night time when there is a low chance for water to evaporate. We can also install sensors that let the system know when it’s time to irrigate the plants and turf. This way, you can devote your time to more productive and meaningful activities with your family and friends.
  • Cost-effective. The traditional method of watering plants leads to loss of at least 50 percent of the water volume that you use. Now, imagine how much you could save on water bills when you have an efficient system doing the job for you!
  • Environment-friendly. Aside from saving money, you are also actually giving the environment a big favor. Water is a very precious resource, and being able to use it efficiently with a top quality irrigation system will help in water conservation.

Reliable and Functional Irrigation Systems for Residential and Commercial Properties

Sprinkler Systems As mentioned, we can provide the irrigation needs of commercial properties—from large landscapes to golf courses and sports venues. We can also install reliable systems in residential properties to keep lawns and plants looking great whatever the season is. In both of these applications, we can pinpoint exactly the type appropriate for them and the kind of softscapes that they have. We have experts who can visit your area and conduct the necessary ocular inspection to easily determine your specific needs. Just browse over the list below for the various services that we can provide you.

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